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Imperfect Credit
Every year, people are turned down for mortgage loans by banks and other financial institutions. Although they may have had some minor credit problems, these potential borrowers are usually responsible, creditworthy people. We offer a number of loan programs available for people who have been turned down by less progressive lenders.

At 29Loans.com we realize that circumstances beyond your control can lead to a negative credit report. We understand that a new loan can be the way to help you improve your financial status, especially if you pay off some of your current bills.

We are willing to help you with your unique situation and borrowing needs. We have a variety of mortgage programs, one of which may be right for you! We offer both FHA and conventional refinance loans. You may refinance any current mortgage -rate/term at up to 97% with an FHA refinance loan. Cash out is available under the FHA program at 85% LTV. The benefits of an FHA refinance loan are the same as with an FHA purchase loan. If you have had past credit problems, the FHA guidelines are a bit more flexible than conventional loan programs. Whatever the case, we will work with our borrowers to help them try to find the financial solutions they need.


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